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The establishment of Jewish autonomy in the Ukraine, Belorussia, the Crimea and the Far East in the 1920s and 1930s was accompanied by unprecedented propaganda campaigns, in which photographers also took an active part. From the mid-1920s they worked throughout the country, from Belorussia to Birobidzhan, proclaiming the successes of the Jewish agricultural colonies with photographs in newspapers and magazines in the USSR and abroad.

Among those who portrayed the Jewish agricultural colonies and kolkhozes in the USSR were photographic artists who achieved worldwide fame. A significant contribution to the creation of a photo-portrait of "new Soviet Jewry" was made by the photo-reporters of OZET's principal organ "Tribuna", as well as those of other Soviet Jewish publications.


A clerk keeping accounts in a tractor brigade
A column of tractors is setting off for the October demonstration
A group of resettlers from Vinnitsa
A group of school children going towards the pioneer camp
A horticulturist shows Stakhanovite workers how to treat the fruit trees
A line of tractors cultivating the ground
A record milker
A Stakhanovite bee-keeper
A typical Jewish resettler
A woman worker of the bentwood furniture section
A young happy generation is growing!
Agronomist talking to colonists
Amateur brass band
Apiary in the taiga
Artesian well sinking
At Novozlatopol ten-years boarding school
At the library
At the militia station
Chairman of OZET S. Dimanshtein and inister of Public Health N. Semashko at a session of the OZET lottery committee
Colonistsí farm
Cultivating the ground with a tractor
Cultivating the ground with a turn plough for vineyards
Eggs about to go into the incubator
Farm herd
Gathering for work
Harvesting of vetch in the fields of the land-improvement association
In a foundry
In a Jewish vocational college
In the pioneer camp
In the vineyard
In the wine cellar
Incubator of Larino machine-tractor station
Jewish farmers at work
Jewish workers at the Machine-Building plant
Kolkhoz flock of sheep
Kolkhoznik Mikhel Gefenís farm
Lectures at Birobidzhan Mining College
Lectures in the anatomy room at Polytechnic College in Birobidzhan
Machine-tractor station. Preparing for the harvest time
Meeting of region administration regarding the harvest time
Members of Osoaviakhim
Near the well
Newly-ploughed virgin soil in Birobidzhan
On the Bira river
On the waste plots and marshes
OZET inventory base
Several Jewish farmers
Sportsmen of the Jewish Autonomous Region
Stakhanovite kolkhoz worker
Stakhanovite senior rail guard Samuel Gulub
Taking out chickens from the incubator
Teachers Training College in Kalinindorf
The bentwood furniture section of the Dimitrov furniture factory
The first child born in ĎValdheimí kolkhoz
The grape harvest
The lime plant of Londoko
The new region centre
The tractors
Vegetable transportation
Vladimir Mayakovsky at a session of MosOZET
Winter tillage