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At the end of the 1920s and the beginning of the 1930s, the slide show (known as "sveto-gazeta" or "light-newspaper") was a very popular method of spreading information in the workers' clubs of the Soviet Union: a series of slides on a common theme accompanied by short captions (slogans, quotations from leaders' speeches, lines of verse) and images (photographs, drawings, diagrams). In 1928 a correspondent of the magazine "Sovietskoe foto" wrote: "With the aid of a whole range of techniques - varying the duration of the slide on the screen, original foreshortening of the subject, use of lighting - a striking effect can be achieved, so that the show actually seems to lose its static quality. Thanks to these techniques the 'light-newspaper' can be watched with almost as much ease as a cinema film."

Some fragments of these "light-newspaper" shows devoted to the successes of the Jewish agricultural colonies, consisting of hand-coloured slides and photographs furnished with captions in Russian and Yiddish, have been preserved in the archives of the Russian Ethnographic Museum

Jewish settlement Ulyanovka in the steppe
Barracks for settlers in Kherson fund lands
Barracks of the 'Naishprotsung' cooperative in the Crimea
Inside of the barracks of the settlers group in Kherson fund lands
Temporary dwellings of Jewish settlers
Temporary dwelling of a Jewish settler
Sinking of the artesian well in Dzhankoy region in the Crimea, 1926
Horseless peasants near the well. Group 'Vperyed' ('Forward') of Dzhankoy region.
Near the well
Hut in 'Friling' colony in the Crimea
Typical Jewish peasants
The first loudspeaker in the steppe in the region of Pervomaisk Jewish Village Council
Jewish peasant izba (cottage) of Shelokhovsk region
Pioneers. Resettlers' children of Dzhankoy region
Jewish peasant izba (cottage) in Zaporozhie
Typical Jewish peasant woman
Colonists' orchard
Gathering peppers (Odessa region)
Jewish colonists getting new agricultural machinery
The first women tractor driver from the OZET brigade of Yevpatoria region
Tractor ploughing the field
Threshing time
Tractor ploughing in Yevpatoria region
Threshing time in a new Jewish settlement
Threshing time in 'Oiflebung' cooperative in the Crimea