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Tsegelnitski Jakob

Agronomist and public figure.

In the 1910s he was a member of the BUND. In 1914Ė1915 he oversaw the work of ORTís network of labour bureaus in Petrograd. In August 1921, in the capacity of General Secretary of the Central Committee of All-Russian ORT, he was at ORTís Berlin conference, at which the founding of the World ORT Union was proclaimed. He became a member of the Central Board of the World ORT Union. From 1923 to 1938 he occupied the post of plenipotentiary representative of the World ORT Union in Soviet Russia; in 1928 he was elected a member of the executive of All-Russian ORT. He played an active role in ORTís work of financing the construction of industrial enterprises in the Jewish Autonomous Region. In 1938 he was arrested by agents of the NKVD; according to one story he perished in a camp in Kazakhstan, according to another he was shot.