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Jews on the Land
Belorussia, Ukraine, Crimea

A colonist at the mail-box
A column of tractors is setting off for the October demonstration
A combine operator
A group of resettlers from Vinnitsa
A record milker
A typical Jewish resettler
A woman colonist during the sowing season
A young fiddler
An old colonist examining the vineyard
Artesian well sinking
At field stubbing
Dances in the field camp
Eggs about to go into the incubator
In the wine cellar
Incubator of Larino machine-tractor station
Jewish and Tatar farmers in the Crimea fields
Jewish colonists at the field camp
Jewish colonists getting new agricultural machinery
Laying a road in a settlement of migrants
Lunch in the Jewish commune
Machine-tractor station. Preparing for the harvest time
Meeting of region administration regarding the harvest time
OZET inventory base
Settlerís lunch
Several Jewish farmers
String of migrant carts
Taking out chickens from the incubator