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In the Family of Peoples
1920s and 1930s

A clerk keeping accounts in a tractor brigade
A group of school children going towards the pioneer camp
A group of settlers in Birobidzhan
A horticulturist shows Stakhanovite workers how to treat the fruit trees
A nurse
A physics lecture
A Stakhanovite worker
A tailor
A woman worker at the spinning factory
A young happy generation is growing!
A young worker
Actors and director of the State Jewish Theatre of Birobidzhan
Amateur brass band
American Jewish writer Avrom Reisen and chief editor of the Der Emes newspaper Moishe Litvakov
At a children’s festival
At a children’s hospital
At a recruiting centre
At Jewish trade school
At Novozlatopol ten-years boarding school
At the library
At the militia station
At the Soviet office
Chairman of OZET S. Dimanshtein and inister of Public Health N. Semashko at a session of the OZET lottery committee
Demonstration in a Jewish kolkhoz
Exhibition of ready-made articles
In a Birobidzhan clothing factory
In a foundry
In a Jewish vocational college
In a students dormitory
In the pioneer camp
Jewish workers at the Machine-Building plant
Jews-kolkhozniks writing a letter to the “Der Emes” newspaper
Lectures at Birobidzhan Mining College
Lectures in the anatomy room at Polytechnic College in Birobidzhan
Medical commission at a recruiting centre
Meeting at a Jewish kolkhoz
Members of Osoaviakhim
Pay day
Pioneer friendship. Jewish, Russian, and Korean young pioneers
Reading the Der Emes newspaper in a farming brigade
Sportsmen of the Jewish Autonomous Region
Teachers Training College in Kalinindorf
The first child born in ‘Valdheim’ kolkhoz
Vladimir Mayakovsky at a session of MosOZET
Voroshilov riflemen
Women cyclists
Young pioneers